Pro Forma: language/text/visual art, Edited by Jessica Wyman (Three Volume Set)

Pro Forma: language/text/visual art, Edited by Jessica Wyman (Three Volume Set)

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Softcover, 6 x 7 in.

(Vol 1. ) 92 pp. / 26 pp bw.; (Vol 2.) 77 pp. / 27 pp bw.; (Vol 3.) 60 pp / 16 pp bw.

Published by YYZBOOKS

Toronto, 2007.

Jessica Wyman is a curator, critic and art historian living in Toronto and teaching at OCAD University.

What are the ramifications, expectations, developments, and directions of text in visual art? What personal, social or political motivations inspire its use? What have been the conditions of its appearance, its evolution, and the climate of its reception? How does it become a limiting or liberating factor in produc- tion and interpretation? How does text function as a formal medium?

In order to address these questions, a call for essay and artwork was issued. The works that came back fell into groups of distinct themes; it was from these themes that the concept of a three-volume set arose, with each volume focusing on a specific area of concern.

This complete set ofPro Forma, volumes 1 through 3, comes bound in a handmade sleeve.





Introduction: In Favour of Form, As a Matter of Form

Jessica Wyman

A Few "Semiotic" Paintings of 1975, Unknown and Destroyed

John A. Walker

Syntactic Analysis (Bespoke)

Michael Maranda

Staging Language, Presenting Events, Representing History: Ian Carr-Harris, September, 1973

Philip Monk

Templates for Walking Theatre (2000-03) and Flashlight (2005)

Luis Jacob

How to Keep Mark Making Alive: Robert Morris in Blind Time

Eve Meltzer



Written Iteration: Signatures and Lists

Barbara Balfour

Some Thoughts on Speech Bubbles

Michelle Jacques

Images As Speechless Texts: Hawthorne's Hypotypotic Veil

David Garneau

" "

Laurel Woodcock



Making Noise with Forgotten Punctuation Marks, Spoiled Syllables, Clipped Sentences, Infected Paragraphs, and Mere Mouthing

Mireille Perron

Une Anecdote Peu Connue de la Vie etde la Pensee de Marcel Broodthaers

Paul de Guzman

On The Tower of Babel: An Annotated Translation of Genesis 11:1-9

Simon Glass

The Trouble with Translation

Yvonne Singer

Postface: words from the back, facing...

Jessica Wyman



ISBN 0-920397-37-9 / 978-0-920397-37-4