Technologies of Intuition, Edited by Jennifer Fisher

Technologies of Intuition, Edited by Jennifer Fisher

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Softcover, 6 x 9 in.

272 pp. / 27 pp bw. / 96 pp colour.

Published by YYZBOOKS, Mentoring Artists for Women's Art (MAWA) and DisplayCult

Toronto/Winnipeg, 2006.

Jennifer Fisher's research examines contemporary art, curatorial practice, display culture, the affective

turn in art and criticism, and the aesthetics of the non-visual senses. She is a founding member of the

curatorial collaborative DisplayCult.

This definitive anthology brings together texts, interviews, and artists' projects that centre on the theme

of intuition. The contributors address facets of the sixth sense in art and culture from a wide range of

perspectives, including those of visual, performance and new media art, cultural theory, art history,

psychology, curating, and theatre.





Jennifer Fisher

The Enactment of the Supernatural in French Symbolist Culture

Serena Keshavjee

The Tarot of Organizing Women

Bev Pike

Spiritualist Embrace

Valrie Lamontagne

Two Women Visionaries

Zoe Beloff

Psychic-Graphies: Extracts from Three "Supernatural" Correspondences

Katarina Soukup

On Intuition

Carolee Schneemann

Chrysanne Stathacos: The Aura Project

An Interview by Jennifer Fisher

Belly Brain

Barbara Balfour

Susan Hiller's Paraconceptualism

Alexandra M. Kokoli

Fear, Shame, Ecstasy and Self-Transformation: Marina Abramovic

An Interview by Jennifer Fisher and Jim Drobnick

Seven Paths to Reclaiming Our Intuition

Linda M. Montano

The Chakra Cycles of Linda M. Montano

Jennifer Fisher

Sensing the Here After: Photography, Memory and Intuition

Beth Seaton

Forces of the Universe: Intuition and the Lesbian Witch in Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Carlen Lavigne

The Fortune-Teller

Frances Leeming

Intuition as the Receptive Other

Jade McCutcheon

Are Muses Real? Intuitive Inspiration, Possession and Dissociation

Paula Thomson

Psychic Portraits

Karen Finley

Curating as a Divining Process

Carolyn Bell Farrell

My Intuition Matrix

Joanne Bristol

Survival Series

Tricia Wasney

Towards a Haunted Art History

Jo Appelin

Home Hands

Karen Trask


Katja Kessin



ISBN: 0-920397-43-3 / 978-0-920397-43-5