Money Value Art: State Funding, Free Markets, Big Pictures, Edited by Sally McKay and Andrew J. Paterson

Money Value Art: State Funding, Free Markets, Big Pictures, Edited by Sally McKay and Andrew J. Paterson

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Softcover, 6 x 9 in.

287 pp. / 65 pp bw.

Published by YYZBOOKS

Toronto, 2001.

Sally McKay is an art writer, independent curator, and practicing artist. She is currently a PhD candidate in Art History and Visual Culture at York University, studying neuroaesthetics from a feminist perspective. From 1997-2003, Sally was co-owner/editor with Catherine Osborne of the Toronto art magazine Lola. Since that time she has continued to publish numerous essays and reviews on Canadian art, she has curated several major exhibitions, and continues to perform and exhibit her own art projects.

Andrew J. Paterson is an interdisciplinary artist working with performance, video and film, musical composition, and both critical and fiction writing. His performances and videotapes have been presented and exhibited locally, nationally, and internationally. Paterson has been a board member of many Canadian organizations and has curated various media art programs. He is the coordinator of The 8 Fest, a festival for small-gauge film.

The writers and artists featured in Money Value Art explore the key--and often overlooked--issues of money and value not only through theory and critique, but also through wry humour, personal anecdotes, and art projects. The contributors explore a range of topics including discrimination, globalization, the historical relationships between art and poverty, systems of exclusion, and the challenges of inclusion--blowing open the binary relationship between state subsidization and private sector competition.




Andrew J. Paterson and Sally McKay

Andrew J. Paterson

Timeline (throughout)
Andrew J. Paterson

Mixed Funding, Mixed Markets, Little Pictures
Cliff Eyland

In The Bedrooms of the Nation: State Scrutiny and the Funding of Dirty Art
Kevin Dowler

The Realpolitik of The Canada Council Art Bank
Jan Allen

Stakes and Tatters
Michael Balser and Andy Fabo

Resignifying Culture: Notes from the Ontario Culture Wars
Barbara Godard

The House Always Has the Edge: The Art Gallery of Windsor and the Ontario Casino Corporation
Andrew Johnson

Better Use Project
Jill Henderson

Evicted Studios at 9 Hanna Ave, November 1999
Luis Jacob

Red Goods, White Goods
Bernie Miller

The Mad Whims of Pierre B.
Pierre Beaudoin

Scott McLeod

Reconsidering the Risks of Civic Public Art Funding
Josephine Mills

Initiatives in Cultural Democracy
Robin C. Pacific

Jan Swinburne

Blue Print for Resistance: Art, Nation and Citizenship
Rinaldo Walcott

Memes, Genes, and Monoculture
David McIntosh

Children's Letters to Charles Saatchi
John Marriott

Fine Points on Memory and Escape
Krys Verrall and Bill Burns

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Additional Readings

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ISBN: 0-920397-76-X / 978-0-920397-76-3