Foodculture: Tasting Identities and Geographies in Art, Edited by Barbara Fischer

Foodculture: Tasting Identities and Geographies in Art, Edited by Barbara Fischer

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Softcover, 6.5 x 9 in.

172 pp. / 35 pp bw. / 26 pp colour.

Published by YYZBOOKS

Toronto, 1999.

Barbara Fischer was curator of the Canadian Pavilion for the 53rd Venice Biennale, and is the Executive Director/Chief Curator of the Justina M. Barnicke Gallery at the University of Toronto, as well as Senior? Lecturer in Curatorial Studies at the University of Toronto. She has held curatorial positions in galleries? and museums across Canada. Fischer was the recipient of the 2008 Hnatyshyn Foundation Award for? Curatorial Excellence in Contemporary Art.

Why has history viewed the enjoyment of food as a lower form of artistic pleasure? The writers and artists? in this anthology have addressed this question by taking a renewed interest in the symbolic value of food? and eating as well as in the rituals of preparation and consumption.

In their interrogation of "foodculture" in art, they investigate food in all its materiality, its social value? and its power to transform our culture - from the role of food in aesthetic concepts throughout history? to modern concerns with global food production and distribution. Foodculture focuses on food as a site? of negation in the relations between East and West, between colonizer and colonized, as well as in the? formation of cultural and personal identity in an increasingly globalized world.




Barbara Fischer

Performing Taste
Jennifer Fisher

Food for Thought: On Cucumbers and their Kin in European Art
Corinne Mandel

Recipes for the Cube: Aromatic and Edible Practices in Contemporary Art
Jim Drobnick

On the Loss of a Three-Letter Word
Bill Arning

Feasting on Film
Bridget Elliot and Anthony Purdy

Cultivating Collapse
Anne Brydon

Kulwinder Bajar

The Eighth Sea
Millie Chen

All that has Value
Ron Brenner

The Hong-Kong, for Dave and Lucy
Jamelie Hassan

Egg Curry
Elaine Tin Nyo

Ka-Sing Lee and Ping-Kwan Leung

Ron Brenner and the Ecology of Limitation
Andy Patton

The Global Delicatessen
Deborah Root

Can I have MSG, and Egg Roll to Suck on and Asian American Media on the Side?
Yau Ching

Mixed Grill
Fred Wah

Famous Chinese Restaurant is the name of a
Fred Wah




ISBN: 0-920397-27-1 / 978-0-920397-27-5