Art and Cold Cash, Edited by Ruby Arngna'naaq, Jack Butler, Sheila Butler and Patrick Mahon

Art and Cold Cash, Edited by Ruby Arngna'naaq, Jack Butler, Sheila Butler and Patrick Mahon

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Softcover, 8 x 10.5 in.

191 pp. / 26 pp bw. / 24 pp colour.

Published by YYZBOOKS

Toronto, 2009.

Art and Cold Cash--a multi-layered, creative investigation that took place from 2004 to 2007--connected contemporary art to discourses surrounding money in a series of artistic activities and experiments located in northern and southern Canada. Jack Butler, Sheila Butler and Patrick Mahon, three contemporary artists whose practices are normally situated in southern Canada and internationally, worked on the project in collaboration with writer Ruby Arngna'naaq and artists William Noah, two Inuit members of the Art and Cold Cash Collective who lived through the change from a barter economy to capitalism in Baker Lake, Nunavut, during the twentieth century.

This book is a compelling document of a ground-breaking project that involved storytelling, interviews, community-based art practice, drawings, sculpture, and videos produced for exhibitions in galleries and airports in the north, and in Toronto, Winnipeg, and Barrie, Ontario. Art and Cold Cash features documentation of those activities and artworks, and includes essays by the collective members and other commentators. Central to the volume is a series of fascinating interviews, in English and Inuktitut, where eight Baker Lake residents, some of whom are artists, recall their poignant first engagements with capitalist exchange in response to the query, "Do you remember when you first used money?"



Art and Cold Cash: Pomegranates in Qamani'tuaq, or When Money Becomes Caribou

Smaro Kamboureli

Art and Cold Cash: An Introduction

Sheila Butler

Art and Cold Cash: Business as Usual

Norman Vorano

The Money Stories: An Introduction

Jack Butler



John Killulaaq

Martin Kreelak


Nanautuaq's Father's Song

Rosa Kingilik

Thomas Iksiraq

Simon Tookoome

Glossary: Inuktitut/English for Art and Cold Cash

Ruby Arngna'naaq and Jack Butler



Sarah Beveridge

Cold Art Cash

David Liss

Cold Art Cash in Winnipeg

J.J. Kegan McFadden

Art and Cold Cash: Northern Economies and theLuxuries of Cultural Exchange

Jenny Western


I Treated Money Like Caribou

Ruby Arngna'naaq

How Canadian Artists Earn Money: North vs South

Jack Butler

Unfrozen Currencies: Money, National Mythologies, and the North

Patrick Mahon

Art and Cold Cash: A Conversation

Sheila Butler

Artists' and Writers' Biographies

Photo Credits



ISBN: 0-920397-53-0 / 978-0-920397-53-4