Performance, [Performance] and Performers, (Vol. 2), Essays by Bruce Barber, Edited by Marc James Leger

Performance, [Performance] and Performers, (Vol. 2), Essays by Bruce Barber, Edited by Marc James Leger

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Softcover, 8.5 x 11 in.

160 pp. / 40 pp bw.

Published by YYZBOOKS

Toronto, 2007.

Both volumes ofPerformance, [Performance] and Performers are available at a discounted price of $50.

Bruce Barber is an internationally recognized artists, writer, curator, and educator. Barber's work is included in various private and public collections. He is a Professor of Media Arts; Historical and Critical Studies, and Director of the MFA program at NSCAD University.

Marc James Leger is an artist, writer, and educator living in Montreal. Leger has published essays on critical public art in a number of journals, includingFuse,Parachute,Art Journal, and theCanadian Journal of Film Studies. He has exhibited in Canada, the U.S., and the U.K.



Foreword: Bruce Barber and the parenthetical suspension of performance

Marc James Leger

Essays on Performance, [Performance]

Common Ground: Acconci, Schneemann, Jonas, and Oppenheim

Problems in the Taxonomy of Performance and Body Art

A Book Review of RoseLee Goldberg,

Performance: Live Art 1909 to the Present

Performance for Instruction and Performance for Pleasure

The Function of Performance in Postmodern Culture

Audience, Crowd and State

Notes Toward an Adequate Interventionist [Performance] Practice

Jubal Brown's Blague: The Sovereign Consciousness of In/Subordination

Three Modes of Canadian Performance in the Nineties

Cultural Interventions in the Public Sphere

Selected References

Illustration Credits


ISBN 0-920397-48-4 / 978-0-920397-48-0