Symbolization and its Discontents, by Jeanne Randolph

Symbolization and its Discontents, by Jeanne Randolph

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Softcover, 5 x 8.5 in.

217 pp. / 28 pp bw.

Published by YYZBOOKS

Toronto, 1997.

Dr. Jeanne Randolph is one of Canada's foremost cultural theorists. A practicing psychiatrist, Randolph is also known as a performance artist whose extemporaneous soliloquies (on topics varying from cat curating to boxing to Barbie Dolls to Wittgenstein) have been performed in galleries and universities across Canada as well as in England, Australia, and Spain.

Steve Reinke is an artist and writer known for his single channel videos, which have been exhibited internationally. He received his undergraduate education at the University of Guelph and York University, as well as a Masters of Fine Art from NSCAD University. His video works have proved to be very influential, specifically The Hundred Videos (1989-1996) project.

This text is composed of eight ficto-criticism pieces that are based on Jeanne Randolph's practice as a cultural theorist. Randolph describes the " heart" of this collection of texts as the relationship between herself and the various artists from 1990 to 1997 who have invited her to write exhibition catalogues. As a follow-up to Randolph's influential Psychoanalysis and Synchronized Swimming, she addresses Enlightenment values by introducing psychoanalytic terms that recognize culture as a flux of working fictions, embodying one's social allegiances, vested interests, and commitment to values.





Steve Reinke


What Don't Women Want

Technology and the Meaningful Body


Sacred and Secular Performance: Psychoanalytic Reflections on Identity and Ritual

A City for Bachelors

Sculpture and the Philosophy of Modernism: A Reflection on the Reference to Technology in the Work of Zvi Goldstein

Who Am I


Truth Disguised as Lie

The Predicament of Meaning

Advertising and the Technological Ethos

La Vcritc Folle

Sleepy Time Tales

Confessions and Proclamations

J, B, X & Y

Dr. Jean Randolph:

From Stan Denniston's "Personal Fictions"


Hurricane Watch

Understanding Media



ISBN: 0-920397-22-0 / 978-0-920397-22-0