Afterthoughts: A monologue [to RS], by Gordon Lebredt

Afterthoughts: A monologue [to RS], by Gordon Lebredt

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Softcover, 8.5 x 13 in.

47 pp. / 2 pp bw.

Published by YYZBOOKS

Toronto, 2008.

Gordon Lebredt (1948-2011) was born in Winnipeg and lived and worked in Toronto. He received his BFA (honours) from the University of Manitoba, School of Art in 1976. Gordon Lebredt is known for his significant record of exhibitions, publications and interventions.

A monologue with Robert Smithson (d. 1973) in nine sections, or nine stops which, as well as dealing with certain key critical works (The Eliminator, Enantiomoprhic Chambers, Site-Nonsites, the Spiral Jetty, Monuments of Passaic, Incidents of Mirror-Travel in the Yucatan), also touches on the question of the institutionalization of art, the controversy with Michael Fried, language, film, photography, writing, spacing, and the issue of time.



Disjunction of vision: Lacan | Eliminator.

The splitting of the field of vision: Chambers.

Invagination: (internalization of the edge or border (painting | Greenburg. Steinberg, Leo.)

Benjamin: messianic time. Hallucination | madness | sun + vision, staring (at the sun). Bataille.

Desert: Spiral Jetty | Monument to the Passaic- sun | projection | photography.

Documents '72 - notice of withdrawal.

The dialectic-&gt site non-site ->promise->

the logos + the law: Hellenism vs. Judaism.

The Smithson - Fried exchange (Art + Objecthood) - response.


Afterthought: more than a few perverse perspectives - what the dead man sees

An email response to Charles Reeve concerning the hypothetical workings of the facsimile

Illustrations: the facsimile


ISBN: 0-920397-47-6 / 978-0-920397-47-3